Four Corner Dribbling Race

Four Corner Dribbling Race

The four corner dribbling race is an excellent drill for young players to practice their dribbling skills, especially while moving at speed.

Set Up

To use this drill, create a 15×15 yard square grid with smaller squares in each corner where the players start. Divide players into even groups. This drill works best with 2 or 3 players in each group. For larger teams, creating a second grid is helpful so that players don’t have to wait in line too long. The first players in two lines diagonally across from one another start with soccer balls.

How It Works

Players dribble from one corner to the next, passing the ball off to the next player in line each time they arrive at a new corner. The object of the game is to see if one dribbler can catch the other dribbler in front of them. In the event that a dribbler tags the player in front of them, the tagged player does some sort of short exercise (5 push-ups, 5 jumping jacks, etc.) before rejoining the game.

Coaching Points

Keep in mind that the length of time it takes for a tagged player to complete a given exercise determines the distance between the two dribblers once the exercise is completed. Have players dribble as quickly as possible while maintaining control. Players should also practice dribbling with their heads up.

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