Dribble Freeze Tag

This is a fun dribble tag game that works really well with younger players although it can be enjoyable for older players too.

Set Up

Set up a rectangular grid. All of the players will need soccer balls except for two taggers who will need pinnies. The players with the soccer balls are dribblers.

How It Works

The dribblers dribble around the field trying to avoid being tagged by the taggers. In the event that a dribbler gets tagged, they must sit on their ball and wait until a fellow dribbler taps them on the shoulder to rejoin the game. Every few minutes stop the game to swap out the taggers.

Coaching Points

Dribblers should be aware of where the taggers are and try to stay far away from them. Dribblers should keep their heads up to look for open spaces and work on dribbling with the inside and outside of their feet.

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