Overlap Crossing Drill

Overlap Crossing Drill

This relatively simple drill allows players to work on overlapping, crossing, and finishing.

Set Up

Create a line of players just outside the 18 yard box. Have one player come out to the cone on one side to act as an all time passer. Have a line of players at the cone at the other side to act as runners into the box. A coach can also have two or three lines for runners.

How It Works

The first player in line plays a pass to the the all time passer and then performs an overlap around the outside. The overlapping player receives a pass back and then crosses to a player running into the box. The runners try to finish the crosses on goal. Coaches can have crossers and runners switch lines every time if they would like.

Coaching Points

As soon as one player finishes, the next player in line can go. Make sure players are overlapping with speed and delivering quality crosses. Perform this drill on both sides so that players learn to cross with both feet.

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