1v1 To Goal With Defender Trailing

1v1 To Goal With Defender Trailing

In 1v1 to goal with defender trailing, the offensive players try to capitalize on breakaway opportunities. The defenders try to chase down the attackers from behind to prevent a shot.

Set Up

Have players form two lines about 25-30 yards away from the goal. The players in one line start with soccer balls.

How It Works

The first player in the attacking line dribbles towards the goal and tries to score. As soon as the attacker moves, the defender can try to chase down the attacking player from behind. If the attacker scores they earn a point. If the defender prevents a shot, they get a point. Have players switch lines after every round.

Coaching Points

Players in the attacking line have to dribble at speed so that the defender doesn’t catch them. To make this more challenging for the attackers, the lines can be backed up or the defenders can start closer.

Similar Drills

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