1v1 With Back To Pressure

1v1 With Back To Pressure

1v1 with back to pressure is a great 1v1 drill for developing strikers who receive the ball with defenders at their backs. Attackers in this drill learn how to create space for themselves and get past defenders when they are tightly marked.

Set Up

Split players in half and have one half start as attackers first while the other half starts as defenders first.

How It Works

The first player from each line enters the field. The second player in the attacking line passes the ball to the attacker. The attacking player has pressure on their back and must find a way to beat the defender to turn and shoot. After each round the players switch lines.

Optional: A coach can set up two mini goals opposite the large goal so that if the defender wins the ball, they can score as well.

Coaching Points

Make sure the attacking player moves quickly to create some space between themselves and the defender when calling for the ball. The attacker can also use their body to hold the defender off and get in a good position to receive a pass. Defenders should try to close the space down by staying on the attackers hip and not allowing them to turn.

Similar Drills

For another great drill where players can work on scoring with a defender at their back, check out 1v1 starting at the posts. In addition, finishing in a square can be helpful for strikers to work on finishing inside the box from different angles.

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