Sprint For The Advantage

1v1 Sprint For The Advantage

Sprint for the advantage is a 1v1 drill where players must sprint around a cone on their own end line before coming out to play 1v1. Faster players have the advantage in this game because they are more likely to get to the ball first.

Set Up

Set up a field with two mini goals and a cone on either side. Place a soccer ball in the middle of the field. Create two teams and have the first player of each team come out to the middle of the field. The players can start in different positions such as in a plank, sitting down, etc.

How It Works

When the coach says ‘go’ the players must run around the cone on their own end line before coming out to play 1v1. Each round two new players come out.

Coaching Points

This game gives an advantage to faster players. Try to match players up based on speed for even duals. If there is a big speed difference a coach can adjust the ball position left or right to challenge the faster player.

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