3v2 To Goal With Winger Crosses

3v2 To Goal With Winger Crosses

3v2 to goal with winger crosses is a great drill for players to work on finishing in the middle and from balls coming in from the wide areas. This drill is similar to 3v2 to goal, however wingers are added so that players can also work on finishing crosses.

Set Up

Set up three cones 25-30 yards away from a large goal to function as lines for the attackers. Get two lines of defenders at the posts. In addition, have wingers with soccer balls ready in the wide areas to send in crosses.

How It Works

The ball starts with the defenders who play a pass out to the attackers. The attackers then play 3v2 to goal. Once the ball goes out of play, the same 3v2 group stays on the field and receives a cross from either end, one winger at a time. Once a group has received a pass from the middle and from either winger, the group rotates off and the next group comes on.

Coaching Points

Emphasize speed of play and taking advantage of shooting opportunities. Be sure that players time their runs to finish the crosses.

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