3v2 To Goal

3v2 To Goal

3v2 to goal is an excellent finishing game for offensive players to find goal scoring opportunities in the 18 yard box and get quality shots off.

Set Up

Set up three cones 25-30 yards away from a large goal to function as lines for the attackers. Get two lines of defenders at the posts.

How It Works

The soccer ball starts with the defenders who play a pass to the attackers. The attackers then play 3v2 to goal. Because the attackers outnumber the defenders they should usually get a quality shot off.

Coaching Points

Have the attackers work on combination play and finding the open player for a shot. Emphasize speed of play and be sure that players take advantage of opportunities to shoot.

In light of the fact that 3v2 to goal is a great drill to work on finishing and playing quickly, I will often times use it as part of a pregame warm-up. You can find other warm-up ideas in the soccer warm-up guide.

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