Counter Attack With Fullbacks

Counter Attack With Fullbacks

Counter attack with fullbacks is a fun game for players to practice going forward quickly as soon as their team wins the ball. This game works especially well when fullbacks get involved in the attack by making forward runs.

Set Up

Create a field with a large goal on one end and two mini goals on the opposite end. Divide the field in half and create two even teams. Team sizes may range from three to seven, however, I typically use 5v5 for this drill.

How It Works

The team defending the mini goals designates several players who must stay on the attacking half of the field (nearest the large goal) at all times. When playing 5v5, I designate that three players must stay on their attacking half which means there are only two players available to defend against counter attacks.

Forcing several players to stay forward opens up space in behind for the counter attacking team to play splitting through passes once they win the ball. In addition, this gives the counter attacking team an incentive to send players forward and gain a numerical advantage.

The team defending the mini goals starts with the ball and attempts to score on the large goal. If the opposing team wins the ball, they have six seconds to score on the mini goals. With this in mind, players must look to play forward as soon as they win the ball in order to score in under six seconds.

Coaching Points

The counter attacking team should start the play dropped back in a deep position to defend with a compact shape. This helps invite the opposition forward and open up space in behind. At the moment they win the ball, they should send players forward with speed. Quick transitions are key to successful counter attacks.

Often times, the best players to send forward in this drill are the outside backs. Because the mini goals are placed out wide, these players are in great positions to make forward runs and score.

Similar Drills

To perform counter attack with fullbacks successfully, players need strong fundamental technical skills. Give these drills a try in order to help players play accurate through passes.

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