Down The Ladder

Down The Ladder

Down the ladder is a solid drill for players to work on ball skills such as headers, volleys, chest traps, and passing.

Set Up

Have players partner up and line up across from each other forming two lines as shown in the diagram below. The players on one side need soccer balls.

How It Works

Players with the ball pass or toss to the player directly across from them. The receiving player passes, headers, or volleys back and then side shuffles to the next player in line. Once players get to the end of the line they do dynamic locomotions to the other side and go through again. Every few minutes have the players switch roles so that the players with the ball get a chance to go through the ladder as well.

Coaching Points

This drill can be use to work on a variety of ball control skills including chest trap and volley return, thigh trap and volley return, two touch passing, one touch passing, etc. Emphasize the fundamentals and when players mess up, make sure they keep moving to avoid traffic jams.

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