Find The Final Pass

Find The Final Pass

Find the final pass is a great possession game to teach offensive players to be patient and keep the ball until an opportunity arises.

Set Up

Set up a large grid with a 2×2 yard square in the middle. Create two teams. The offensive team should have more players than the defensive team. This game works well with 4v2, 5v2, 6v2, 6v3, 7v3, 8v3, or 8v4.

How It Works

The team with more players plays keep away inside the grid. Once they complete six passes in a row, they can have a player check into the square in the middle. If the player in the middle receives a pass in the square the team earns a point. If the defending team wins the ball they earn a point. The first team to earn three points wins.

Coaching Points

Often times once an offensive team completes six passes one of the players will run into the middle of the square and wait. The defense ‘puppy guards’ the square and the offense tries to force a pass into the middle. If the pass in the middle isn’t there initially, the player running who is in the middle should check out to create space for someone else. The offense needs to remain patient and keep possession of the ball until the final pass is open.

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