Hunters & Rabbits

Hunters & Rabbits

Hunters & Rabbits is an excellent game for young players to develop passing skills on the move.

Set Up

Set up a rectangular grid. Two or three players need soccer balls in order to be hunters. The remaining players should pair up and hold hands. The players holding hands are the rabbits.

How It Works

The rabbit pairs run around the rectangular field trying not to get hit with the soccer balls by the hunters. The hunters must pass their soccer balls and hit rabbits below the knees to knock them out of the game. When a rabbit pair gets hit, they are eliminated from the game and can work on juggling or passing outside of the grid with their partner. The last two rabbits standing win and become hunters in the next round.

Coaching Points

Be sure that hunters are using the inside of their feet and following through to pass their soccer balls into the rabbits. Ask the players to keep passes low to keep the game safe. Rabbits need to communicate with their partners to stay linked together.

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