Keeping Possession With Neutrals In The Corners

Neutrals In The Corners

Keeping possession with neutrals in the corners is a great keep away style game. In this game, teams earn points by passing to neutral players in the corners once they’ve completed a certain number of passes.

Set Up

Set up a grid with a small area in each corner, then assign a neutral player to play all time offense in each corner. Create two teams to play in the middle. A neutral player can also be added to the middle to make things easier for the offense.

How It Works

The teams in the middle go head to head trying to keep possession of the ball. Once a team completes six passes in a row they can pass it to a neutral player in the corner and receive it back successfully for a point. Teams can also pass the ball to neutral players in the corners before they get six passes, they just don’t actually get a point until six passes have been completed first. The first team to three points wins. If a team scores a point they don’t have to stop they can continue passing, starting back at zero.

Coaching Points

Shuffle teams after each round. Make sure players are moving and communicating. When players pass to a neutral player, make sure they are looking for angles to receive a pass back. Player shouldn’t run directly to the corners because that crowds the space. Be sure that players don’t bunch up.

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