Large Goal Overload

This game helps players learn how to break down defenses by moving the ball collectively and advancing into goal scoring positions.

Set Up

Set up a grid with two halves and a large goal on either end. Divide players into two teams. Split teams up so that half of each team is on each half of the grid. This game requires a goal keeper on each end. This game may also include one or two neutral players who are unrestricted to either half of the grid.

How It Works

A team must connect six passes in their defensive half before playing a pass to their teammates on the offensive side. Once a team plays a pass to the offensive side, they may send an addition player across the line to help score a goal. If a team wins the ball in their attacking half they may shoot directly on goal without having to complete six passes first. This game can also be played with neutral players on the outside.

Coaching Points

When a goal keeper has the ball, make sure players are spreading out and providing width to stretch the defense. When playing with one neutral player, teams have a two player advantage in their own half because they can pass to the goal keeper or the neutral player.

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