Pinnie Tag

Pinnie Tag

Pinnie tag is a fun warm-up game that players enjoy using pinnies to tag other players.

Set Up

Set up a grid and assign two to five players to be taggers. The taggers hold pinnies in their hands.

How It Works

To begin each round, the coach calls out a dynamic locomotion. Everyone moves throughout the grid doing only the specified dynamic motion. Taggers try to tag players with their pinnies. If a tagger gets someone, they are no longer a tagger and they give their pinnie to the tagged player. Every 30 to 60 seconds the coach gives a signal for the players to freeze. The players holding pinnies must then complete an exercise given by the coach. This could be push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, burpees, etc. Once the taggers finish the exercise, the coach calls out a new dynamic locomotion to start a new round.

Coaching Points

Taggers are motivated to tag players because they don’t want to be stuck with the pinnie in their hands when the round ends. This drill also works well with music instead of giving a signal for players to stop. When the music stops, that signals the end of a round.

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