Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag Ladder

Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag Ladder

Rock, paper, scissors tag is a partner tag game that can be used to emphasize quick thinking. In this version, whichever partner wins moves up the ladder while the losing partner moves down the ladder.

Set Up

Divide players into two teams and have them partner up with someone from the opposite team. Have them line up in the middle two yards across from their partner as shown in the diagram below. Add cones on either side about 10 yards away.

How It Works

When the players are lined up, have them play rock, paper, scissors. Whoever wins is the tagger and whoever loses is the runner. If the tagger tags the runner they win and if the runner escapes to the cones on their side they win. Whoever wins moves up the ladder one spot and whoever loses moves down the ladder one spot. This ensures that the fastest players go against each other at the top of the ladder after a few rounds.

Coaching Points

Emphasize to the players the importance of being quick on their feet and being able to make decisions in a split second. Have the coach start each round by saying go so that everyone finishes at the same time.

Similar Drills

A tag game that is very similar to this one is two yard tag. Other great tag games include pinnie tag and rapid tag.

4 thoughts on “Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag Ladder”

  1. -This is really a Nice Warm up to the Encephalon
    -The Players can do a warm up for a long time because it is also funny and they enjoy escaping and tagging each other while on the other part they are warming their bodies
    – For instance to tell the players lets warm up,you will find that some of them will be minimising but through warm up drills like that of Rock , Paper ,Scissors nobody will minimise

  2. A good activity that enhances decision making. If possible, instead of each pair playing Rock, Paper, Scissors separately, the entire team may be made either to run or chase, similar to Crows and Cranes. In the present game, players may collide as they may change their path/lane in order not to get tagged.

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