Wall Pass Shooting Drill

This is a basic shooting drill to use when working with a small group of players.

Set Up

Create a line of players just outside of the 18 yard box. Players in line need soccer balls. Designate one player as the ‘wall passer’. 

How It Works

Players in line play a give and go with the wall passer, receive it back, and then shoot. Rotate the wall passer every few minutes. Players can compete to see who can be the first one to score five goals.

Coaching Points

Have the wall passers switch sides after a few minutes so players can work on shooting with both feet. Encourage players to pass with one touch, but allow them to take a control touch if they have to. This drill works best with smaller groups so that players don’t have to wait in line for very long. If a coach wants to do this drill with a large team, it would be best to set up multiple goals.

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