Soccer Drills

100 Fun & Competitive Practice Ideas

Coaches who run effective training sessions do two things very well:

First, they have a rapport with their players which is vital to creating an engaging training environment.

Second, they use soccer drills that are fun and competitive!

This collection of soccer drills will stimulate, excite, and challenge players to take their game to the next level.

Warm-Up Drills

Warming up is an essential element of any practice to prepare players mentally, physically, and to prevent injuries. Here are a few of our favorite warm-up ideas to get kids moving right from the start:

Youth Soccer Drills

At the younger age groups, these drills are really fun! Give them a try for your U5-U10 team:

Dribbling Drills

Dribbling is an essential skill that every player needs to develop in order to control the ball and play the game effectively. The following drills are great to improve dribbling:

Passing Drills

In order to move the ball effectively as a team, players must develop fundamental passing skills. Here are some simple ideas for players to practice passing:

Finishing Drills

Finishing is hands down one of the most important skills in soccer. In order to score goals teams have to finish! The following are some of our favorite finishing drills:

1v1 Drills

The ability to take defenders on and break down defenses starts at the 1v1 level. Here are our favorite 1v1 variations:

Possession Drills

Possession drills are an excellent way to help teams keep control of the ball and move into advantageous positions. They are also great to develop skills that are applicable to real game situations:

Small Sided Games

Similar to possession drills, small sided games are another great way to help players improve in a fun and competitive environment. Small sided games can be used to work on a variety of things such as switching the play, utilizing wide players, counter attacking, and more.