Pinnie Grabbers

Pinnie Grabbers

Pinnie grabbers is a fun warm-up game to get players moving. In this game players try to steal pinnies from the other players.

Set Up

Set up a small rectangular grid and have a supply of balls waiting outside of the grid. Give each player a pinnie and have them tuck the end of it into their waistbands.

How It Works

Players run around the grid trying to grab each others pinnies. If a player grabs a pinnie, have them hand it back and then the player who lost their pinnie must leave the grid. Players who are out can perform ten juggles to themselves or five passes with another player in order to rejoin the game.

Coaching Points

In this game players need to be aware of what is around them in order to be successful. Encourage players to constantly move and not just stand in a corner.

A coach can also have players do different dynamic locomotions inside the grid to help them get warmed up.

Similar Drills

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