Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid Drill

The Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid drill is a simple way to incorporate two contrasting styles of play in one training session. The team emulating Barcelona strives to keep possession of the ball where as the team representing Atletico Madrid must counter attack quickly to be successful.

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Play Like Barcelona – Top 5 Ideas From The Spanish Giants

When it comes to world football, perhaps no team has a more iconic style of play than FC Barcelona. The culture within the Spanish club is truly fascinating from the massive success of the first team all the way down to it’s youth academies. It’s no coincidence that players like Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernandez, and Andres Iniesta are products of the Barcelona youth system. Whether or not you’re a Barcelona fan, I believe anyone can admire the clubs unique ability to develop talent and produce consistently strong results.

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Swarm The Ball Carrier

Swarm the ball carrier is an excellent drill to help players work on aggressively pressing an attacker to try to win the ball back. This drill was inspired by Barcelona’s six second rule. When Barcelona lose the ball, the nearest two or three players apply immediate pressure for six seconds because this is when the opposition is most vulnerable to lose it. If the team can’t win it back in six seconds, they drop into an organized defensive structure.

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