Zipper Dynamic Warm-Up

Zipper Dynamic Warm-Up

The zipper dynamic warm-up is a fun warm-up variation where players move in a figure eight pattern.

Set Up

Set up a square grid and create even lines at the bottom two corners.

How It Works

Players perform dynamic locomotions one after the other around the cone straight ahead of them and then diagonally to the opposite start line. The players from the two lines cross paths in the middle forming a figure eight pattern.

Coaching Points

Be sure that players have their heads up and avoid collisions with one another in the middle. This warm-up works best when players cross every other person in the middle.

Similar Drills

The zipper dynamic warm-up is a variation of a general dynamic warm-up. Other variations of a general dynamic warm-up include:

In addition, a warm-up can be a great opportunity for players to practice technical skills such as dribbling and passing. Many of the warm-ups on this site include technical elements such as across the field, square passing warm-up, numbered passing, scoring spree, and the progressive dribbling warm-up.

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