Circle Passing Warm-Up

Circle Passing Warm-Up

The circle passing warm-up is a technical warm-up that gives players a chance to work on passing, volleys, and headers.

Set Up

Have players partner up. One partner goes to the perimeter of the center circle with a ball and the other partner starts inside the center circle. If you don’t have access to a center circle you can also set up a circle with cones.

How It Works

Players in the center run around receiving and playing one touch passes back to the players on the outside for one minute. The players in the middle can run to any perimeter player who is open. This drill can also be done with headers or volleys with the outside players underhand tossing the soccer balls rather than passing. After one minute have the partners switch so that both partners have a chance to perform both roles.

Coaching Points

Be sure that players are aware of the space around them to avoid collisions in the center. Make sure players are communicating and checking to the ball to receive passes.

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