Circle Rotation Warm-Up

Circle Rotation Warm-Up

The circle rotation warm-up can be used for players to practice passing, heading, and volleying.

Set Up

Have players partner up, one partner goes to the perimeter of the center circle with a ball and the other partner starts inside the center circle. If you don’t have access to a center circle you can also set up a circle with cones.

How It Works

Players in the center run in a rotation performing passes, headers, or volleys with the perimeter players. After each pass, the center players must run back to the center before starting their next run. All players in the center rotate around in the same direction so that they link up with every perimeter player once as they go around. After a full rotation perimeter players switch with center players so that players perform both roles.

Coaching Points

Make sure players are communicating and checking to the ball to receive passes. When checking to the ball players should shift gears from a slower speed to moving quickly towards the ball. This simulates checking in a game where an attacking player is trying to create separation from a defender.

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