Dribbling Throughout A Grid

Dribbling Throughout A Grid

Dribbling throughout a grid is a simple dribbling warm-up that allows players to practice using different moves.

Set Up

Set up a grid for players to dribble inside. The center circle or 18 yard box areas can be used for this. Every player needs a soccer ball.

How It Works

Players dribble randomly throughout the grid. Coaches can call out things for players to do such as ‘Cruyff turn’ or ‘single scissor’. This allows players to practice different moves. Coaches can also specify things like dribbling with the outside of the foot only, left feet only, etc.

Coaching Points

Be sure to teach players moves before calling them out in this drill so that they know how to perform them correctly. Players should dribble with their heads up to avoid collisions.

Similar Drills

If you like dribbling throughout a grid, another great way for players to improve dribbling and skill moves is the progressive dribbling routine for sharp ball skills. For other dribbling drills, take a look at these:

In addition, these two dribbling games are especially fun for younger soccer players:

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