Premier League Four Corners Warm-Up

Premier League Four Corners Warm-Up

The premier league four corners warm-up is an easy warm-up with players lined up in the corners of a grid. This can be used as a dynamic warm-up, dribbling warm-up, or for players to practice other skills.

Set Up

Set up a grid which consists of a large rectangle on the outside and a smaller inner rectangle. Have the players form even lines at the corners of the larger rectangle facing the inside.

How It Works

The players run around the corner of the inner rectangle and back to the corner of the outer rectangle where they started.  Throughout this warm-up, players can perform different dynamic locomotions or go through it with a ball by dribbling. A coach can also use this warm-up to work on other skills such as headers or volleys. For example the first player in line could run around the inside cone and then receive an underhand toss from the next person in line, returning the ball with a header.

Coaching Points

Start with slower and easier dynamic locomotions at the beginning and then gradually pick up the pace for a progressive warm-up. When using soccer balls, coaches can have players perform different turns around the inside cone such as an inside hook turn, outside hook turn, Cruyff turn, etc.

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