Points For Goals & Passes

Points For Goals & Passes

Points for goals & passes is a great game that rewards players for keeping possession of the ball in addition to scoring goals.

Set Up

Set up a field with a large goal on either end. Divide soccer players into two teams and choose one or two players to be ‘all time offense’, neutral players. Each side needs a goal keeper for this drill.

How It Works

The teams play against each other with all of the regular soccer rules being applied. Every time a team scores a goal, they earn one point. Every time a team completes ten passes in a row, they earn two points.

Coaching Points

Because teams earn two points for every ten consecutive pass completions, players are encouraged to keep possession of the ball. This drill teaches individuals that they should strive to keep possession of the ball unless there is an opportunity to score a goal. The number of consecutive passes to be completed in order to earn points can be adjusted depending on the skill level of the team.

Similar Drills

For a game that is similar to points for goals & passes but is a little easier for players to keep possession, check out mini goal game with neutrals. Keep away drills are also great to encourage players to work on passing. Examples of these include 4v2 to 6v4 keep away, possession with neutrals in the corners, and rondo keep away.

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