Rapid One Touch Finishing Drill

Rapid One Touch Finishing Drill

Rapid one touch finishing is a great drill for players to get lots of repetitions shooting inside of the 18 yard box.

Set Up

Set up two cones at the top of the 18 yard box directly across from the posts. Split the team in half with a line at each post. Players will need soccer balls.

How It Works

The first player on one side runs around the cone directly in front of them and receives a pass from the opposite line which they must finish with one touch. As soon as the player on the opposite side makes their pass, they start their forward run. Players switch lines after every shot. The first three players to score five goals win.

Coaching Points

When players are making their runs have them start at a jog and then aggressively check towards the ball once they round the cone. This simulates a game situation where an attacker is trying to separate themselves from the defender. Make sure players shag their balls and pay attention because this drill moves quickly.

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