Rapid Tag Warm-Up

Rapid Tag

In rapid tag, the taggers try to tag as many players as possible in a single round. The more tags they get the better.

Set Up

Set up a rectangular grid. All of the players will need soccer balls to be dribblers except for three or four taggers who will need pinnies.

How It Works

The dribblers dribble around the field trying to avoid being tagged by the taggers. The taggers have one minute to tag as many players as they can but can’t tag the same player twice in a row. When a dribbler is tagged they may continue dribbling. Have taggers keep count of how many tags they get and then swap out taggers at the end of the round. Each round have taggers perform different dynamic locomotions as they try to tag players such as skipping, side shuffles, two foot jumps, galloping, etc.

Coaching Points

Dribblers should be aware of where the taggers are and try to stay far away from them. Dribblers should keep their heads up to look for open spaces.

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