Scoring Spree (Solo)

Scoring Spree (Solo)

Scoring spree (solo) is a great game for players to practice dribbling quickly. It can also be used as a warm-up.

Set Up

Set up a rectangular grid with cone gates set up throughout the field. All of the players will need soccer balls.

How It Works

Give players one minute to dribble through as many gates as possible. At the end of one minute, the player who dribbled through the most gates wins. Dribblers may not dribble through the same gate twice in a row. This game can be progressed by having players use their weak foot only or by adding defenders.

Coaching Points

Dribblers should keep the soccer balls close to their body and navigate the field looking for open spaces. Dribblers benefit from keeping their heads up so they can see the gates. Make sure dribblers keep track of how many gates they go through.

Similar Drills

Another variation of scoring spree can be played with two players playing 1v1. In addition, another similar drill to scoring spree includes turning around cones. If you would like some more drills to help players improve their dribbling skills, check out these:

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