Short-short-long is an easy passing warm-up combination where players can work on playing both short and long passes.

Set Up

Create passing lines with cones on either side about 30-40 yards apart. Put players into groups of four to seven. Each group needs a soccer ball. Have players form even lines at the cones on either end.

How It Works

The first player in line makes a long pass to the opposite side and then follows their pass. The receiving player plays a short pass to the player running towards them and then receives it back. The player with the ball then sends a long pass to the other side continuing the cycle.

Coaching Points

Encourage players to play the short passes with one touch if they can. After a player makes the long pass make sure they run down to get in position for the short passes on the other side.

Similar Drills

Drills that are similar to short-short-long include the square passing warm-up, the circle passing warm-up, and wall passing combinations.

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