Musical Cones

Musical Cones

Musical cones is a fun variation of musical chairs where instead of sitting in chairs, players have to knock over cones with their soccer balls.

Set Up

Set up a grid with cones set up randomly throughout that can easily be knocked over with soccer balls. All players will need soccer balls for this game.

How It Works

Players dribble throughout the grid and when the coach gives the signal, they rush to knock over a cone with their soccer ball. Players who knock over cones are safe for the next round. When all the cones are knocked over, players who didn’t knock over a cone are out and practice juggling on the side. Before each round, have players set up the cone they knocked over and then take away a few cones each round.

Coaching Points

This drill is similar to musical chairs because there are less and less cones to knock over every time. This drill can also be done with music and when the music stops the players know they must find a cone to knock over.

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