Three Zone Skill Race

Three Zone Skill Race

The three zone skill race provides players an opportunity to practice heading, volleying, and passing while progressing through zones.

Set Up

Set up a grid with three zones as shown in the diagram. Divide the team in half; one of the halves needs soccer balls and starts around the outside of the grid. The other half starts in zone one without soccer balls.

How It Works

Players in zone one and must perform five headers/volleys/passes with the outside players to advance to the next zone. Once a player has gone through all three zones and completed five headers/volleys/passes in each, they switch spots with one of the outside players who then starts back at zone one. Players may not receive tosses or passes from the same outside player twice in a row.

Coaching Points

This game is like a race but it never stops because as soon as a player finishes they swap roles with an outside player. This drill works best when working on only one skill at a time. For example, do this drill once with passes, then do it again with headers, and then do a final round with volleys.

Similar Drills

For a similar drill with headers, check out header tag.

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