Protect The Cone

Protect The Cone

Protect the cone is a fun 1v1 game where attackers try to knock the defenders soccer ball off of a cone.

Set Up

Have players partner up. Every player needs a soccer ball. One partner sets their soccer ball on top of a cone and is designated as the defender. The other partner sets their soccer ball on the ground and is designated as the attacker.

How It Works

The attackers objective is to knock the defenders ball off the cone. Play 20 second rounds. In the event that the defender can go a full 20 seconds without having their ball knocked off the cone, they earn a point. If the attacker knocks the ball off, they win the round.

Coaching Points

Defenders should position themselves between the attacker and the cone. In addition, the defender will need to be physical in order to protect the cone.

Similar Drills

If you like protect the cone and would like to see other 1v1 variations, check out chicken fight and battle for the ball. In addition, for exercises to help players work on dribbling, take a look at dribble tag and scoring spree.

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  1. Nice really and help players to gat both ..the enjoyment and challenging..wish to see more of fun games and same time serve the topic target …
    Thank u in addvance

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