Three Tier Shooting

Three Tier Shooting

Three tier shooting is a great finishing drill for players to work on various types of finishes.

Set Up

Set up cones as shown in the diagram to form three lines. One line starts at a post, one line starts outside the corner of the six yard box, and one starts at the top of the D. The players in all three the lines need soccer balls.

How It Works

The first player in the line at the top of the D starts by taking a touch and firing a shot on goal. This player then continues and receives a ground pass from the player outside the six yard box. After trying to finish the ground pass, the player continues and receives an underhand toss from the first player in the line at the post which they try to finish with a header or a volley.

After each time through the players rotate. The player who started at the top of the D rotates to the line outside the six yard box. The player who was outside the six yard box goes to the post. The player who was at the post rotates to the top of the D.

Coaching Points

Be sure that players are getting their shots on frame. Encourage players to aim towards the corners away from the goal keeper. If players miss, have them shag their soccer balls because players go through balls quickly in this drill.

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