Cone Hunt

Cone Hunt

Cone hunt is a fun game for players to practice basic passing skills by knocking over cones with their soccer balls.

Set Up

On a grid or field set up cones throughout that can easily be knocked over by a soccer ball. All players will need a soccer ball to play the game except for two or three defenders.

How It Works

The players with soccer balls are the attackers. Give the attackers one minute to knock over as many cones as possible by passing their soccer balls into them. Meanwhile the defenders earn points for every cone left standing at the end of the round. The defenders are tasked with running around the field and setting cones back up that have been knocked over. Switch defenders after every round as being a defender in this game can be very tiring.

Coaching Points

This game gives beginning players a chance to work on their passing skills as they try to knock over cones. Instruct players to pass with the inside of their feet and follow through towards their target. Be sure that players practice using both feet as well.

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