Sharks & Minnows

Sharks & Minnows

Sharks & minnows is a great game for young soccer players to practice dribbling and keeping control of the soccer ball.

Set Up

Set up a rectangular grid with three zones. The two zones on the outsides are safe zones for the dribblers (minnows) where as the zone in the middle is where the sharks reside. All of the minnows need soccer balls. Assign one or two players to be sharks.

How It Works

The sharks start in the middle in crab walk position or if the coach likes they can have the sharks standing up. If the sharks are in crab walk position they are allowed to use their hands. The minnows try to dribble to the opposite side without losing their ball to the sharks. If a minnow loses their ball they become a shark and join the other sharks in the middle. Once all the minnows have either made it to the other side or become sharks a new round starts. It is best for the coach to yell ‘go’ at the beginning of each round so that the minnows all go across at the same time. The last minnow standing wins.

Coaching Points

Minnows need to keep the soccer balls close to their bodies and keep their heads up to avoid the sharks. Sharks can strategize and work together by ganging up on minnows who are especially good dribblers.

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