Crosses From Third Man Runners

Crosses From Third Man Runners

Crosses from third man runners is a great drill for working on combination play on the wings and finishing crosses.

Set Up

Create three lines for runners just outside the top of the 18 yard box. On either side of the field set up three lines for crossers to perform passing combinations near the sidelines. 

How It Works

The outside players play a short pass among themselves and then play a through pass to a player who is running down the line. The player who receives the through pass crosses the ball to the players who are running into the box. After each cross a new ball starts on the opposite side.

Coaching Points

Players who are running into the box can mix up their runs. Make sure there is always one runner heading towards the near post, one heading towards the far post, and one heading towards the penalty spot. Be sure that runners time their runs to arrive as the ball is arriving.

Similar Drills

If you like crosses from third man runners, be sure to check out the third man overlap crossing drill which is very similar. In addition, the overlap crossing drill and 3v2 to goal with winger crosses are excellent for players to work on crossing and finishing.

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