Overlap Finishing Drill

Overlap Finishing Drill

This drill is great for players to work on overlapping and shooting in small groups.

Set Up

Create a line of players just outside the top of the 18 yard box. Have one player come out to the cone at the side to act as an all time passer. 

How It Works

The first player in line plays a pass to the the all time passer and then performs an overlap around the outside. The overlapping player receives a pass back, cuts inside, and performs a shot on goal. Rotate the all time passer every few minutes.

Coaching Points

As soon as one player shoots, the next player in line can go. Make sure players are overlapping with speed. This drill works best with smaller groups so that players don’t have to wait in line for very long. If a coach wants to do this drill with a large team, it would be best to set up multiple goals.

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