Progressive Dribbling Warm-Up

Progressive Dribbling Warm-Up

The progressive dribbling warm-up incorporates dynamic locomotions and a soccer dribbling routine for players to get warm and practice their ball control skills simultaneously.

Set Up

Set up multiple lines and separate players into groups. Create two zones, one for dribbling and one for dynamic locomotions. The first zone can be about 10 yards long and the second zone can be a little longer, 15-20 yards works well. 

How It Works

Players perform dribble moves through the first zone and then pass back to the next player in line before continuing on with a dynamic warm-up movement through the second zone.

Coaching Points

When going through the dribbling zone, have players take their time and focus on quality touches. It’s not a race, they should keep the ball close to their body at all times.

Similar Drills

In addition to the progressive dribbling warm-up, this site includes many other warm-up ideas for players to practice their dribbling skills. These can include relays like the dribbling relay or slalom dribbling relay. Furthermore, dribbling throughout a grid, scoring spree (solo), turning around cones, and dribble to safety can be great warm-ups.

Once players are warmed up, a great way for them to improve their ball skills is to play 1v1. Be sure to check out these fun 1v1 variations:

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