Simple Alternating Warm-Up

Simple Alternating Warm-Up

This is a simple warm-up that combines a dynamic warm-up with a passing warm-up.

Set Up

Set up a grid with two halves. The size of the grid can vary depending on the size of the team. For a practice with 12-20 players a 20×30 yard grid split down the middle would work well. Split the team in half and send the halves to either side of the grid.

How It Works

On one side of the grid the players do dynamic movements while players on the other side perform passing. After one minute the players switch sides and do the opposite task. This drill can have many variations. On the dynamic warm-up side they can warm-up in two lines or they can spread out and do locomotions while moving randomly throughout. On the passing side players can pass in lines or they can spread out and pass throughout the grid.

Coaching Points

Make sure players are communicating by calling for the ball and calling out names before passing. Coaches can have players come up with different dynamic locomotions.

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