Ten Ball Shooting Test

Ten Ball Shooting Test

The ten ball shooting test can be used for players to practice shooting on their own or as a test to see how many goals they can score out of ten shots.

Set Up

Set up a cone at the top of the D and place ten soccer balls on the 18 yard box line with five soccer balls on either side of the cone as shown in the diagram.

How It Works

Players shoot the soccer balls one at a time, running around the cone at the top of the D after every shot. Keep track of how many goals they score out of ten.

Coaching Points

This is drill is primarily used to test players shooting ability. Have players shoot the balls on the right with their right foot and the balls on the left with their left foot.

Similar Drills

If you like the ten ball shooting test and would like to see a similar drill, check out finishing in a square. In addition, rapid one touch finishing is a great drill for players to get lots of repetitions shooting in front of goal.

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