Lionel Messi Shooting Drill

The Lionel Messi shooting drill was designed with Barcelona forward, Lionel Messi in mind. By and large, Messi is considered one of the greatest soccer players of all time. In addition he is known for his quick combination play in the middle of the field, speedy dribbling, and prolific finishing. In this drill players emulate Messi as they play a quick give and go combination before shooting on goal.

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Arjen Robben Finishing Drill

Arjen Robben is a famous dutch winger who is known for flying down the right side of the field, cutting in, and curling shots around the keeper with his left foot. His speed and dribbling ability have made him a star for his club Bayern Munich and his country. In the Arjen Robben finishing drill, players cut inside from the wing and shoot on goal just like Robben does.

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